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Our company is engaged in the development, production and sale of a unique Vesta device – an express test for determining the time of ovulation using saliva. This advanced development in electronic diagnostics and determination of ovulation has been patented and awarded numerous awards at international medical exhibitions: a gold medal in Belgium at the Brussels Eureka 2000-2001 World Invention Salon, a gold medal of the Lepin competition in Paris in 2000, and numerous European diplomas.

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Advantages and capabilities of our rapid test for determining ovulation:

With high accuracy sets the days when the probability of conception is the greatest and least;
Allows you to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy with a high degree of reliability and without the use of hormonal and mechanical contraceptives;
Identifies the likely cause of infertility and specific female diseases, leading to impaired ovarian function and lack of ovulation;
It makes it possible to predict the sex of the child at conception;
Allows you to monitor the hormonal status in menopause;
Prevents the risk of a possible miscarriage;
It determines a decrease in the physiological properties of the body to a critical state in both a woman and a male partner, etc.

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Bergenheim Mikhail Leonidovich – Gynecologist and part-time specialist in instrumentation whose passion for two specialties made it possible to develop a device for express diagnostics of ovulation days “Vesta”.


Infertility treatment
Baby gender planning
Hormonal disorders


Our products have all the necessary certificates.



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The manufacturer of the Vesta device guarantees the compliance of the device with technical specifications subject to the storage, operation and transportation conditions established by the technical data sheet. The warranty period is 1 year from the date of sale of the device. During the warranty period, the device is repaired by the manufacturer of the device. After the warranty has expired or during the period if the rules of storage, operation or transportation have been violated, the device is repaired at the buyer's expense. The buyer deprives himself of the right to warranty repairs if the installation of the device is violated or (and) there are external defects. The manufacturer does not warrant CR2032 batteries. Replacing the power supply is possible in any watch repairing electronic watch.

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