Plan the baby’s gender.


Modern couple amazed to learn how to plan the sex of the child in the dawn of civilization. Our ancestors tried to determine the sex of the child: by the phase of the moon, laying an axe under the bed for the birth of a boy. And today, many people use traditional methods to achieve the desired result. And are disappointed when they do not act. Nowadays, there are several options with which you can influence the sex of the unborn child. Some of them we will consider.

How is the sex of the unborn child formed? On whom does it depend?

Sex is formed by the fusion of chromosomes. The egg bears – XX, and the sperm-XY. It is not difficult to guess that the father is fully responsible for the sex of the child. Despite the fact that the merger of the two parts occurs accidentally, on earth, the balance of the two sexes is maintained.

That shows statistics.

Assessing centuries of knowledge, the scientists concluded that boys are born much more often, about 1,000 boys to 940 girls. After birth, environmental factors come into play and the half-century anniversary of the structure of the population is leveled. Balance is the main goal of nature. Because of this, man still inhabits this planet.

Sometimes planning a child’s sex is important for their health.

Geneticists and doctors try to control the desires of parents-to have a child of a certain sex. Because in this situation it is possible to break gender balance, the consequences can be irreparable. In those countries where IVF technology is being fully implemented, there is a ban on planning the sex of the child, although this is easy to implement. Only in Israel, if a couple has 5 children of the same sex-it is allowed to choose the sex of the next. In some countries, for example, it is allowed to determine the sex of the child before conception, if there are medical indications. Such criteria can serve: congenital genetic diseases transmitted linked to the chromosome. So, if the father is sick with hemophilia, the probability that his son will inherit this gene is 100%. The method of sex selection during IVF is to separate the Y chromosome from its counterpart. Such a complex procedure requires special equipment and takes a lot of time and still does not give 100% result.

Planning the sex of the child by the date of ovulation.

Based on scientific research,  sperm containing the Y chromosome are less hardy than their counterparts. The reason for this is the different acidity of vaginal mucus, during ovulation, the acidity decreases, allowing the weaker to get to the cherished goal. Therefore, for the birth of a boy, it is recommended to perform sexual intercourse as close as possible to the day of ovulation. Conversely, for the birth of a girl, it is recommended to have sex a couple of days before ovulation. This method only increases the probability of having a child of the desired sex, and does not give 100% result. In addition, there are difficulties with establishing the exact day of ovulation. But there are methods to solve this problem: ultrasound diagnosis, test to determine ovulation- “Vesta”, as well as various test strips.

Increased sexual activity.

As we recently learned – the nature of cervical mucus affects sperm survival. Cells containing X chromosomes are slower, but they are less affected by the environment. Unlike sperm with the Y chromosome, which are highly active, but quickly die in the acidic environment of the vagina. Therefore, the high probability of conceiving a boy in the couple who is sexually active throughout the cycle.

The influence of diet on the formation of the child’s sex.

One theory is that if you follow a certain food style, the probability of having a boy is greater. The French claim that if you eat foods rich in sodium and potassium (mushrooms, meat, potatoes, potatoes, beans, cereals, bananas, oranges, cherries, apricots, etc.) – the birth of a male child becomes more likely. Thus from a diet suggest to exclude: fresh vegetables and greens, and also to minimize dairy products. Doctors are extremely negative to such theories, complaining that a woman is important for a full diet containing all the amino acids and trace elements. Also, nutritionists do not recommend adhering to other similar diets that negatively affect the metabolism, activating the stress reactions of the body-reducing the chance of conception.

A method based on the analysis of lunar phases.

Resorting to this method, you should seek the help of astrologers. Modern science completely rejects such techniques. Therefore, do not wait for 100% result. Experts in the field of astrology say that at the birth of every woman, a lunar cycle is born, allowing to predict the sex of the unborn child. The theory is that, every 2.5 days, the moon moves between the male and female zodiac signs. The moment of finding a satellite in one of the signs determines the gender of the child in distress.

A child is happiness for any family. New life brings joy and a pleasant trouble to their parents. As for the sex of the child, it is fundamentally important for men to leave behind an heir. Therefore, there is a huge demand for the above methods, which can still be resorted to if necessary. But you need to be prepared for failures, as all these methods do not give 100% results.

The method of lunar phases

Here, astrologers are involved in planning, determining the phases of the lunar cycle. They argue that at birth, each woman formed a certain cycle, giving the opportunity to predict the sex of her future children. The meaning of the theory is that every two and a half days the Moon moves between the female and male zodiac sign, and the moment of finding the luminary in one of them determines the sex of the child. In addition to the lunar phases, it is necessary to calculate the moment of ovulation in a woman, as well as to know the time of her birth. There are simplified “lunar theory”, proposed by a psychiatrist from the Czech Republic Eugen Jonas: according to his hypothesis, the Moon in the Water signs and the Earth (Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo), enables the birth of a girl, the signs of Fire and Air (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) — the birth of the boy

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